There are a number of IPWEA Awards presented during the conference for outstanding individual service, project excellence and best papers delivered at the conference.

These awards precisely embody the spirit and focus of IPWEA, supporting public works engineering professionals to reach their full potential for the good of their communities. The Awards recognise the dedication, commitment and talent that our members bring to the field of public works engineering.

Finalists will be celebrated throughout the conference and winners announced at the Komatsu Grand Platinum Dinner on Wednesday 4 May 2022 held at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

Three Outstanding Individual Awards

Keith H Wood Medal

To recognise an outstanding Engineer in public works, who reflects the dedication and contribution to the industry and the Institute.

IPWEA Public Works Leadership Medal

To recognise the performance of an individual member for leadership in the delivery of public works excellence.

Young IPWEA Emerging Leader Award

The Young IPWEA Emerging Leader Award seeks to inspire excellence and dedication in public works by recognising the achievements and potential of young public works professionals.

Two Prestigious Best Papers Awards

NAMie Award
National Asset Management Award for paper that best demonstrates the most significant contribution towards advancing AM within an organisation.

E J (Ted) Hooper Medal
Best Overall Paper for content & presentation

IPWEA Excellence Awards

The IPWEA Australasia Excellence Awards will be presented at the Conference Gala Dinner. This will showcase the best of the best from across Australia and New Zealand from 2019 / 2021.

Most IPWEA Divisions conduct excellence awards competitions at their State conferences to showcase excellence from the industry within their State or New Zealand. These awards are keenly sought and are highly prized. They provide recognition of excellence in public works infrastructure and showcase the diversity of projects, innovation within the industry and professionalism of those involved in managing these projects/services.

Finalist’s for the Australasia Excellence Awards must have entered and won their respective IPWEA Division Award.

IPWEA Excellence Awards